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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 16, 2013 10:05pm-11:06pm PDT

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skimming devices discovered inside bay area gas pumps, stealing credit card information and how it was uncovered. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the 12th season of american idol just wrapped up. boy that was really something. singer candyce glover is crowned as the winner. >> glover was booted during the audition phase of two previous american idol seasons but today she snagged the top price. >> today also marked the last show of randy jackson. he recently announced this season will be his last. more on this coming up later. first though the phrase pay at the pump is taking on a new meaning. deborah villalon live at walnut creek ere skimmers have been found at two gas stations in the last two days. >> reporter: a device only a little bit bigger than a sugar
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packet. but in darkness, someone managed to pry this gas pump open and insert one. busy gas stations like this valero open their pumps often to replace the receipt paper. >> almost every day. >> reporter: but yesterday a startling discovery inside, a skimmer device. >> it was here. he take this out, and put this device. >> reporter: walnut creek police now have the skimmer and another identical found at a near by chevron station the day before. devices that are inperceptible to the customer but swipe their data with every swipe. >> since they don't have the card number and information, they can duplicate it and make purchases on that card. >> reporter: this time the skimmers were found early before the suspects returned to retrieve it and steal the data. >> this is going on in walnut
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creek. >> reporter: stepping inside to pay, safer but time consuming. >> i guess it's one of those things if you're not burned yet you tend to still go for the convenience. >> they got me down in san diego. i got charges in san san bernardino and san diego. >> reporter: but did he leave the convenience? >> no, i always use the card, i like to get the frequent flier miles. >> it's really, really hard to keep it. i see these devices not too easy. >> reporter: officers have visited every gas station in town alerting them to check their pumps but no other skimmers have turned up. now they're getting the word
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out alerbay area in case these thieves have struck elsewhere. reporting live in walnut creek, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. and more details now we asked police how drivers can best protect themselves at the pump and they told us your best defense is to pay gas. other wise use a gas company card or credit card. because like debit cards they do not require a pin. make sure you check your statements. now to richmond where a mother figure was remembered after she was gunned down while sleeping in her bed. paul chambers tells us what they had in her memory. >> reporter: richmond police are looking for the people or person responsible for killing a beloved woman named as granny. >> these were good people, she
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was a good woman. >> reporter: with their heads bowed in prayer, benita was remembered today at a memorial. >> she was there with me through both of my son's murders. she was there, she was my support, she was my everything. >> reporter: it was because of acts of kindness like that, that people around here called todd granny. a barrage of bullets came through the wall while she was sleeping in her bed. shot spotter recorded the almost two dozen rounds. inside the family was having a snack. >> my brother tom was sitting here. my son was here on the floor. you can see the holes. right above us on the head. and that was him in the hall way. >> reporter: outside flowers and this picture cover the numerous gunshot holes. inside the home you can see there's still a bullet casing in the wall. >> she couldn't get off the bed. she landed on the dog. because she took the bullets for her family. >> reporter: investigators say
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todd's son may have defrauded some people in the community and that might be the reason for what they believe is a targeted attack. although ty is no longer here on earth she is still hets of that's why their family and friends don't wish any bad on the person that took their granny. >> i hope god on their soul because they killed a good woman. >> reporter: in the meantime, this garden box will be replanted and it'll be called granny's garden in honor of todd. as of right now police have no suspects so they're asking for your help in this case. i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. the head of artimus racing says the team held a private memorial for that british sailor who died last week. andrew bart simpson was killed during training for the
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america's cup. today four teams threw a th into the race and artimus racing wrote on its website bart may you rest in peace. we will learn tomorrow whether the italian team will stay in the race. the owner of the team expressed some concern following last week's accident and tomorrow he plans to come to san francisco to decide whether the team will remain in the america's cup. a once respected child psychiatrist from san francisco made a surprise plea of no contest to charges of molesting boys under his care. 61-year-old william ares made that claim. the first trial ended with a hung jury. ayres now faces up to eight yearless. today's plea has brought relief to the victims. in the south bay the man accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar was back in court today. it was almost one year since
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authorities arrested torrez and he still hasn't entered a plea. lamar disappeared from a bus stop in march of last year. prosecutors said they found torrez dna on items belonging to lamar discarded near by. today's hearing was postponed till late next month. new information about the boston marathon bombings. investigators have confirmed the context of a message allegedly written by dzhokhar tsarnaev inside the boat where he was found. that message may help explain the motivation for deaths. >> reporter: investigators say he picked up a marker and started writing. reports today by cbs that spelled out the con contents of the message.
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the message allegedly said he thought his brother was a martyr and he would be joining him in heaven. that the boston victims were collateral damage, similar to muslims killed in u.s. wars. during dzhokhar tsarnaev's time in the hospital he allegedly confessed to his involvement in the bombings. his brother died four days later after a shoot out with police. the handwritten message was discovered hours later after dzhokhar died. he also wrote a slur against america and the words praise allah saying when someone attacks one muslim they attack all muslims. indications are now that the brothers acted alone. a hearing is set for later this
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month, the could face the death penalty under federal terrorism charges. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. san francisco police have announced plans to make officers highly visible during sunday's beta breakers race. security cameras will be mounted at various spots such as the haze street hill. new garbage cans that can be easily searched are also in place. greg suhr says his department has been talking with boston police since the marathon bombings. >> we have been in contact with what they would have done differently. >> reporter: that i have also been in contact with the fbi and counter terrorism task force. but they say runners and bystanders are their best defense. he say, if you see something,
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say something. germany's jen boyse won the race. and that tour reaches the bay area tomorwith stage six in san jose. riders are set to compete in individual time trials. saturday's leg begins in livermore and goes up mount diablo. the final leg on sunday is from san francisco to santa rosa. thousands of union nurses are planning to walk off the clock tomorrow morning. the week long strike involves registered nurses at sutter health facilities in the east bay. the visit -- video you're looking at here is from a prior walk out. the nurses say they're seeking health care coverage for themselves and their families. the walk out is happening in berkeley and oakland as well as eden in castro valley and
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sutter in antioch. a labor group says fox orkio for ousays they still work more than the legal limit of 49 hours a week. fox con has been wrongly criticized in the past for overworking people and for a number of employees suicided. the dow fell 32 points retreating from its record high. nasdaq dropped six. there are indications the federal reserve may reduce bond purchases as soon as this summer if the economy continues to improve. people living in a small town in north texas are picking up the pieces tonight after a powerful tornado destroyed dozens of homes and also killed six people. these are aerial shots taken today of grandbury texas. the national weather service classified the storm as an ef4 with winds from 155 to 200 miles per hour. 100 homes were badly damaged
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royed.authors spent today searching for rubble hoping to find survivors, seven people are still missing there in grandbury. the tornado was one of 10 that touched down in the area surrounding dallas and fort worth. a few light showers this morning. and temperatures like these, these are the official highs from the national weather service today. mid-70s in the warm spots most of us upper 60s. highs tomorrow cooler still. we're going to see more wind tomorrow so it's going to be breezy. more sunshine, despite sunshine those winds are going to come in and pull cool air in the pacific. yellows are 70s. look how far east the 70s are. they're all the way out in eastern fairfield, eastern antioch. lots of upper 60s, mid-50s. a lot of areas are going to stay in the 50s because of patchy coastal fog. tomorrow is a cool day much like today but a lot of sun. we do have significant changes
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coming our way. we'll break all those out, have specifics for your bay area weekend forecast. something as inconspicuous as a wink can take your picture. >> and how this big cat got trapped and the move that saved his life.
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but it's san antonio who wins this series and they're
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on to the western conference finals. just minutes ago, the warriors run came to an end. the final score 94-92. barnes has to leave the game and needed stitches after hitting the side of his head. mark ibanez will have more later in this newscast including a live report from oracle arena. there were some tense moments in santa cruz today as a mountain lion trapped in a via duct had to be tranquilized and brought to safety. >> reporter: wildlife rescue workers observed the young male mountain lion for hours before deciding to shoot it with a tranquilizer gun. officials were worried the animal would react that way. >> we need to deep people aways
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because this is a very unpredictable situation. we don't know how the animal will react once its hit with the anesthesia. we also don't know how it will act before it's hit. >> in testing the animal, in testing its reactiveness we determined it was safer and we would all be better after if we administered a second doze to the animal. >> reporter: the animal was examined by a veterinary who determined he was in good condition. >> he had some frayed nails. >> that's it. >> that's it, they're remarkable creatures. >> reporter: in santa cruz, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a youth minister from s 92
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arrested in a prostitution sweep in polk county florida. authorities say an undercover officer arrested 41-year-old samuel yoon as he was expecting to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. yoon was in orlando for a youth ministry. taking back a neighborhood from vandals. that was the goal today in the city's fruitvale district. groups painted over graffiti. council member noel gail says it's a good start but everyone needs to take part in improving the community. >> all of us need to take ownership and get at it. if i can get the kids to do it then the grown ups need to get involved. >> reporter: volunteers plan to come back out on saturday. after the graffiti is all covered. local artists have been come out to paint murals to help
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beautify the neighborhood. the jackpot expected to reach $550 million for saturday's drawing. no one had all six winning numbers last night. but that doesn't mean there were no winners. a store in el cebrante sold a ticket worth $65,000. it was one of five tickets with six missing numbers but missing the power ball number. late word that a police officer has been injured in a bay area university campus. what we learned right after the break. >> it's the first of its kind but won't be the last. a look at who is trying to compete with google glass. >> and the video that has gone viral. - oh, yeah! - wow. once you experience it, there's no going back. at the sleep number memorial day sale, save on the closeout of our classic special edition bed set.
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now just $1299, a savings of $600. only at the sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized.
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developing news from san francisco state where a campus police officer has been injured during an incident on campus tonight. this is video that was just taken a short time ago after
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the situation had some what calmed down. we're told that a group of people were trying to occupy the dorms at 800 font boulevard and that some of them were arrested. san francisco police say they are assisting the campus police at this point authorities are not revealing the extent of the injury to the officer. a san jose man is behind bars accused of fatally shooting his mother and infant nephew inside their home in east san jose. 27-year-old ruben ramirez was captured last night in san francisco. tonight he is booked into the santa clara county main jail on murder and attempted murder charges. police say he killed his 48- year-old mother and 1-year-old nephew and also stabbed his 3- year-old niece. she remains hospitalized tonight. a neighbor told us ramirez claimed to hear voices. >> it's been quite a long time ago. but he did tell me he heard voices. what voices i didn't ask him what they were. >> the santa clara sheriff's
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department says deputies have handled a number of calls at the house involving ramirez. the last was when ramirez was attempting to break down a door. it now appears a water line leak may be the cause of breaking down. preliminary findings suggest the possible water line leak might be contributed to that unstable ground. but more underground testing is needed. so far seven homes have been evacuated and residents say insurance is not covering the damage. a los angeles film maker is on a mission to under mine the imagine of abercrombie & fitch. >> abercrombie & fitch. >> greg carbor handed out a & f clothing to the homeless.
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the clothing maker advertising their products for being for cool good looking people. when it comes to size, there's no such thing as a women's extra large. carver is urging people to hand over their a & f clothing. the president insisted he knew nothing about the targets. president obama has selected worthel. we may find more when doug shoeman received before congress next wednesday. shoeman was in charge during most of the time when the agents were scrutinizing those conservative groups. he left his post last november. he had been apointed by former president george w. bush.
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now to tonight's special report. and it's about a device issued by google. >> i forget that they are on. >> reporter: lisa oshima greeted us wearing a first of its kind technology. the business and tech consultant last month opened this box and became one of the first to get google glass. she wears it at work, on the go and calls the device a life changer. >> i think the best thing about them is the ability to have the information you need right away in front of you. >> reporter: what is actually in front is a titanium frame without lenses and a cube which sits above her right eye. it acts as a small screen not in her direct field of vision. a tiny camera which can take photos and videos with two ways to turn them on. >> one is by touching the side of the device and that turns it
10:33 pm
on. this turns it off. and the other thing you can do is casually lift your head 30 degrees. >> reporter: questions have come on about the adequate of the device and when to use it. oshima limits where she wear it is glasses and demonstrated how it works. she connected glass to her devices so we could see how it works. >> glass, take a picture. and there you are. >> reporter: she can check e- mail, send and receive text. but the rush is on for the developer to release more apps for google glass. the firm is offering hundreds of thousands of the dollars to help launch the must have app. >> what's happening right now is developers are waking up and
10:34 pm
thinking, there will be thousands of tens of thousands of application. >> reporter: developing apps for these glasses are different than developing one for a smart phone. >> you have to do everything with one or two buttons. one or two actions. so that means we have to come up with something before we put i on the glass. >> reporter: the ceo of a japanese start up is hoping to compete with glass. >> you think this is the future? >> yes i'm a futurist, i bring the future. >> reporter: he says google already has a wealth of user information and privacy could be at risk if the settings on google glass are changed. >> you could set it up in a different matter. google glass has already been hacked. people have gotten control over it and they can set it up in a different way. >> reporter: las vegas which wants what happens there to stay there has banned the
10:35 pm
device. some bars and restaurants have also expressed concern. >> it's a very new technology. it's only been distributed to a couple of thousand people so far. and it's going to take a while before we develop social norms around wearable technology. >> reporter: while google's glass is opening a new and exciting way to see the world, others worry too much of the world looking in. maureen naylor, ktvu news. a series of new glass based applications, twitter, and facebook will allow photos to be shared right from those glasses. and if you have an idea for a ktvu special report, we would like to hear it. e-mail your tip to i reports at berkeley is working on making telegraph avenue more
10:36 pm
people friendly this summer. restaurants are being encouraged to offer seating in the streets and street merchants are being asked to come and play. the sunday closures are expected to begin next month. the street will be blocked off on sundays from dwight to durant from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. a child pornography suspect is in custody tonight and a child rescue. the nationwide man hunt that ended just south of the bay area thanks to a bag of pretzels. >> bill martin is updating his forecast at 10:35 the warm up you're going to notice tomorrow. and when temperatures are going to hit the 90s. >> doctors are crying, i mean there's melt down. >> strong accusations about a bay area hospital. why nurses say a computer is compromising patient care. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini world.
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federal investigators arrested david stevens is being held without bail after his air force yesterday. steves is accused of making four child pornography videos. authorities believe the child they found at his apartment was in those videos. the videos were produced in the u.s. based on a bag of pretzels captured in the video since the snack is only available here. stevens is said to be arraigned on june 6th. tonight we learned that the same day divers pulled the body of that missing autistic girl. they also discovered the body of a fisherman from the bay area. the man's body was found near a piling in jago bay in south clear lake on wednesday after neighbors reported seeing his empty boat still running. he was reportedly from richmond and was in his early to mid- 70s. earlier in the day the same
10:40 pm
search crews recovered the body of ar-o micaela lynch o went missing from her family's vacation home. authorities say the remains of a man in a wet suit and a jacket were found along a trail west of kirby cove about five -- 5:00 last night. they say the body had been there for quite some time. there's no indication of the cause of death. some nurses and doctors after marin general hospital are raising a red flag tonight about a new computer system that was implemented just last week. ktvu's mike mibach spoke to one nurse who says the new system is compromising patients care and even leaving some doctors in tears. >> reporter: marin general hospital. >> my body is not making its own blood. >> reporter: linda swab is one of its patients. >> i have never had any problem at all. >> reporter: registered nurse,
10:41 pm
barbara ryan disagrees. >> nurses are crying. doctors are crying. i mean there's melt downs. >> reporter: ryan a maternity and pediatric nurse has a number of patients have recently received the wrong medication. >> sometimes on patients that have been discharged. >> there was a cardiac med that had the wrong dosing on it. it had an adverse affect on a person's heart rate. >> reporter: on may 7 the hospital says it went live with the new entry system allowing physicians to enter patient orders directly into a computer eliminating hand written orders. the california nurses association says it feels nurses and doctors did not get enough training prior to its launch. >> when the nurses and the doctors are frazzeled because of the system that leads to mistakings. >> reporter: lee demonico said in statement, i have not
10:42 pm
received any written documentation of errors. despite the nurses claims, swab says she's going back for care. >> i cannot say that i enjoy being here, but it's enjoyable because the rses care. >> reporter: the hospital ceo says that the hospital is safer now than when the system went online. the crims formally from san francisco made the announcement that they will soon be having a son. their nanny, ortega stabbed herself after killing lucia and leo in the family's new york city apartment in october. the nanny has pled not guilty and is due back in court. palm trees dying, that's bringing back old recentment. >> palm trees, this is san francisco not l.a.
10:43 pm
>> the disease killing the trees and the big price tag to replace them. then gun control, the extra burden on a new bill that was put on california. >> and when you can expect a double digit change in temperatures and your complete bay area forecast. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
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back now to our developing news that sent a police officer to the hospital with an indisclosed injury. a group of people tried to get into if mary ward hall without permission. police were called, some of the people resisted five ended up being arrested. at one point the emergency alarm was pulled. the university says it does not
10:46 pm
know who those intruders were. critics fought the idea of palm trees when they were planted along san francisco's embarcadero saying it looked too much like southern california. now those palm trees are pretty much a part of the city's waterfront. david stevenson reports those trees are facing a new and deadly threat. >> reporter: they've been part of san francisco's embarcadero for the last 10 years but now these canary palm trees are facing a fatal disease. it reduces the tree's ability to absorb moisture. 34 others are showing signs of infection. >> half the crown will die off. half the leaf will die off. it slowly strangles the tree. >> reporter: the trees were planted in 1994 part of the redesign of the embarcadero
10:47 pm
after the loma prieta quake killed the vegetation here. >> changing out the sod ways every time you prune the tree. only hand prune the tree, add bleach solution to it. >> reporter: three other dead palm trees are set to be replayed before the america's cup come pe -- replaced before the america's cup competition. the cost, $34,000 each. some say the palms were always out of place. >> i think it's sad to see a plant die. but when they were planted they shook my head and said really, why? >> palm trees, this is san francisco not l. a. >> the department of public works says it simply does not have the funds to replace every tree so it's trying to stop down the disease's symptoms and replace the palms as money becomes available over the next few years.
10:48 pm
david stevenson, ktvu news. the senate has legislation that will add responsibility on the gun owner. among those barred from owning a weapon. a person convicted of a felony, violent misdemeanor or a person deemed to be mentally disabled. a ban advancing through the legislature may require suicide barriers on more california bridges. san francisco democrat amiano drafted the bill. it would require planners to decide whether a barrier is needed. it now heads to the state senate. only two small suvs passed a tough new crash test for front end collisions. in the test 13 small suvs hit a hard barrier at 40 miles per hour from a slight angle. the kind of crash that causes many serious and fatal injuries. the subaru forester earned the title of top safety pick.
10:49 pm
the mitsubishi outlander also did well. a few light showers around here. some areas got .01 of an inch or .02. the jet system sets up like this. that's where this bad weather came from. out here is a ridge of high pressure that's building in and that's going to change our weather as we go into your bay area weekend. the forecast sets us up with less cloud cover. it's going to be like today in terms of temperatures. temperatures will be upper 60s, maybe some low 70s. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. as we go into the weekends, high pressure release sets up. in san francisco upper 50s, out over in berkeley low 60s.
10:50 pm
where there were mid-80s we're looking at mid- and upper 60s. out in the east bay valleys, upper 60s tomorrow. that's your friday. but on sunday or saturday and sunday you're going to notice a big difference. temperatures are going to start to come up. the difference for tomorrow's winds will be this low pressure system right here. it's going to set us up with breezy conditions and mild weather. the low moves out, the high builds in and here comes your bay area weekend which starts to warm saturday and continues it into sunday. the weekend looks great. the forecast model shows fog and low clouds tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. fog tries to clear in most places but lingers. probably patchy fog along the coast. fog returns again tomorrow evening but should be gone for most of the day as we head into your bay area saturday and sunday. there'll be patches but i think there will be clearing as well. 70 down in morgan hill area and
10:51 pm
lots of mid-60s, upper 60s with just 50s right along the coast. because tomorrow there's still going to be some of that fog. beta breakers that's sunday. you work your way across the city. 10:00a.m. you're low 60s. out the beach unusual. you're going to be mid-60s. that's on sunday. sunday is going to be the warmest day on the weekend. five day forecast with your bay area weekend in view then we're looking at a warmer weather pattern as we head into the bay area weekend. and monday and tuesday, temperatures start to kind of stay warm and they start to cool down a little on tuesday. weekends looks great. tomorrow is more like today, more sunshine. but the weekend is going to be nice. we've had some really nice weekends. >> we sure have. >> good timing on that. >> it's going to be a good weekend. the family of a canadian woman who died months after eating lettuce tainted with
10:52 pm
e.coli is suing a bay area farm. 84-year-old gail bernackey was one of four canadians that died. she died of heart failure five months after her initial infection. still ahead here, what's next for tonight's american idol winner. plus new details about a bizarre incident. take a look at that it caused major problems for b.a.r.t. service during the morning commute. >> and in eight minutes we will go live to oracle arena where the orioles fought to the finish. the 10:00 news is heading to overtime.
10:53 pm
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man who caused a lot of trouble by running on the tops of b.a.r.t. trains and across tracks is behind bars tonight. rodney jenkins is being held on an outstanding warrant and is
10:55 pm
scheduled to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. he was arrested on top -f a -- on top of a b.a.r.t. train. it all started when jenkins jumped from a bart ár -- b.a.r.t. track on to a train. in news of the world tonight, in afghanistan a suicide car bomber killed six americans and nine afghans during the early morning rush hour in kabul. the six americans including four soldiers and five civilian contractors. the group said it's formed a new cell to specifically attack americans. they also say they are not aligned with the taliban. in cambodia, the ceiling of a shoe factory that makes asex running shoes has collapsed. police are blaming heavy equipment on a floor and poor construction. the assex running shoes that are made there are exported to
10:56 pm
the unite. - - to the united states. the collapse is the latest in the garment industry. in venezuela, people rush to buy toilet paper. they are planning to import 50 million rolls to alleviate the shortage. venezuelans have also seen shortages of butter, milk and flour. venezuela is rich in oil but has to pretty much import everything else. advocates for same-sex couples delivered thousands of signatures to dianne feinstein's office. they say they don't want to be overlooked as the issue focused south of the border and they hope the signatures sways
10:57 pm
senator feinstein to help. she is a travel agent from south carolina and now as of tonight she is the new american idol. >> candyce glover. she win it is title. >> persistence and determination. >> how about that, candyce glover took home the top prize in american idol. the song i am beautiful is already available for preorder on i tunes. the night was filled with performances by singing super stars including former idol judge jennifer lopez. there was also, a farewell tribute to randy jackson. tonight was his last show after appearing for all 12 seasons. the warrior fans were loud but in the end the team couldn't pull it out. what the fans say their message
10:58 pm
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happening now, fans of the golden state warriors heading home after the warriors play off run unfortunately came to an end about 45 minutes ago on their home court of oracle arena. jana katsuyama is live where she's been talking to fans
11:01 pm
about the game and what was a pretty impressive warrior season. >> reporter: it certainly was frank, and that is something the fans said to me tonight as they came out. this arena was packed. the fans were cheering loudly. but this was just a heartbreaking loss. the fans stayed until the very end. the bitter end you might say. just to see their team and it really did look around five minutes in that -- to the end they may actually pull it out. they came within two and you could feel the excitement with the fans they got that hope in their hearts that the team may actually be able to pull it off against the spurs. inside it was a sea of yellow. people brought their pride and fighting spirit. a lot of them said today they were proud of the team very disappointed. but still hopeful for a good season next year. >> healthy. >> until the end i thought they were going to come back.
11:02 pm
you know it's okay. >> next year. my message is next year. you proved everyone wrong this year and you will continue to prove everyone wrong next year. >> reporter: many said they thought the spurs did a good job shutting down curry. really rallying in the last few minutes. people were up out of their seats. you could hear them cheering, you could just feel the excitement. certainly these fans say they are not going give up on their team. they were excited and energized by their performance this year. we saw people leaving and saying they thought they played well this season and they're hoping to have a good season next year. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >> what a heartbreaker tonight. you can congratulate the warriors on their great run this season by going to our facebook page and share the badge that we posted to share your thanks. mark with more on tonight's performance on the court.
11:03 pm
>> it's over but it has different feeling than seasons past. the young gun warriors gave way to the wise old owls of san antonio. harisson barnes with a nasty spill in the first half. suffered a cut. and leonard missed the three. look at him husband -- hustle, got his own rebound and jams it. and the warriors are within three. plenty of time left. steph curry will pop it. he had 22 points on 10 of 25 shooting. but the spurs from there close it on a 17-7 run. the deflater, tony parker who was only three of 16 shooting
11:04 pm
on the night hit the three. 94-82 is your final. that was it. the deepest the warriors have traveled in the post season since 1977. bitter the taste but it should disappear soon as the warriors have the marking of a team that will learn and return. fred was there tonight. >> reporter: it was a nice scene there at the end of this final game. it was winding down and it was clear that the spurs were going to win. the warriors went into the locker room quietly and then returned for another omage to their 16,000 fans. steph curry drove the ball, shot the hoops but was only to
11:05 pm
get four points in the crucial fourth quarter. but as you said the spurs have been here before. jarret jack ready to talk about how much it hurt. >> i brought one of my best suits that i have. you know but, i just looking down at this jersey, man. it's just, a sense of pride that i don't think i've ever felt as a professional. and nothing in my closet is better than what i have on now. >> reporter: jarret jack one of the free agents the warriors are going to have to deal with this offseason. but they have a great nucleus. as you said play offs is going to be a regular thing. >> and game six in the pacers still up. third -- third period